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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Didgeridoo" - Bonded Jacky

Bonded Jacky takes us back to a time of innocence on their new track "Didgeridoo." The track has an atmospheric feel right off the bat, but this doesn't stick around forever. It is almost like the calm before the storm, as the vibe switches drastically into a drum-led summer anthem. The track feels nostalgic, almost like Jacky is looking back on their past through the lens of home videos or childhood photos. The visual below showcases Jacky pulling themself into a dress and boots, and throwing a tea party in the middle of the woods, looking back on the fun and carelessness we have as children.

The track features at the start a slow, atmospheric guitar lead instrumental with the echos of what sounds to be home videos underneath. The lyrics feel like Jacky is sending a message to a younger version of themself in said video, "I wanna tell you everything // wanna show you what you've missed // I wanna know how you've been." The energy soon shifts, with an upbeat tempo that could represent the instant energy change a child has. Jacky describes how everything around them has changed from moving around and changing scenery, to just the random things you could do as a child, "You might catch me playing didgeridoo // or stealing candy just to share with you." In the end, Jacky feels that keeping this blissful innocence would be fun, but the world doesn't work this way "it never stops" moving.

Bonded Jacky is a Los Angeles, California based queer singer-songwriter. Jacky describes themself as "a gangly girl with an unmistakable schoolboy energy." "Didgeridoo" is the fourth single from Jacky in 2022. It follows previous releases "Okay," "Brussel Sprouts," and "New Kind of Love." With a beautiful way with lyrics, and unique instrumentals, Jacky has quickly proven themself to be an enigmatic new voice in music.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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