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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Die For Someone" - Sam Tompkins

“Die For Someone” is the quintessential diary entry of someone so desperately wanting a person, any person, but knowing you are your worst enemy in love. It’s easy to think back on all the people who freely gave us their heart, and they were good enough, but we let them go because settling for good enough can be lonelier than standing in a room full of people. We see our friends getting into relationships, going on trips, having fun dates, and receiving cute texts from people they really care about, and they’re so excited for where the future might lead them, but sometimes we quietly wonder if they’re settling for mediocrity in exchange for a warm body in bed and an assured plus one. It’s a saying as old as time… you find somebody when you’re least expecting it. As comforting as that sounds, what happens if you’re not only expecting it, but searching for it? Is that love less genuine? Was it fate? Or do people convince themselves they love somebody just to not be alone anymore? Many people in this life will proclaim they’ve finally found the one with every new relationship, and it becomes glaringly apparent they’re going to keep saying it until it finally sticks, and then they can say they knew it from the moment they met. It’s not selfish to be alone. It’s not wrong not to settle. It’s okay to leave a relationship that leaves you unfulfilled. We all want to find that somebody that we would die for, but there’s great strength and maturity in becoming the person you want to be first and then waiting to find that love that is organic, real, and once in a lifetime.

Sam Tompkins revamps his sound in “Die For Someone”. It is the perfect combination of upbeat and emotional. There is a real evolution for the King of Sad Boy Pop with this uptempo new track. Sam’s vulnerability and raw talent encapsulate this song. He puts passion and truth behind every word, and it makes you want to take the long way home to listen just a few more times. Sam can excel in any genre, and he never loses that spark and relatability. He has lived a life that his given him material that every listener can relate to. Combined with his chilling vocals and catchy back tracks, “Die For Someone” is the song for any occasion. Whether you’re sad from a breakup or trying to get amped up for a night out, this is the song you want in the background or turned up to eleven.

Sam Tompkins is a Brighton-based singer/songwriter on the rise. “Die For Someone” is Sam’s second release from his highly-awaited debut album. He rose to fame after an incredibly successful 2022. With an ever-growing fanbase, and over 130 million global streams, he continues to excel and sell out every venue he attends. His music is admired by some of the biggest names in the industry, like Drake, Justin Bieber, and Elton John, and while collaborating with the biggest artists in music history, he is well on his way to becoming one himself.

Written By Grace Chapman



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