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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Die In LA" - Hunter Daily

Hunter Daily’s debut single dives straight into the vulnerability that many artists have a tendency to avoid until their later releases. Instead, in “Die In LA”, she eloquently tackles the struggles of living in Los Angeles and the feelings of wanting to leave the city. This love-hate relationship with the city of Angels is a common theme found in many songs, but Daily’s perspective is unique. Born and raised in Los Angeles, L.A. has always been her home. Many people in her industry previously lived another life, in another city, while Daily has not been able to experience this. Having been stuck in L.A. her entire life, she is now yearning to experience life on the other side. She desires to make a risky move to follow her dreams like her colleagues did when they moved to her hometown, but she is already where she needs to be for her dreams to flourish. In the second verse, she struggles with this notion when she sings, “It’s not a home if you’re a hostage// I wanna see the other sites// Held up by everything I want// How do I leave it all behind?”. She feels trapped in L.A. and questions if her dream is worth living and dying in her hometown. With all these existential questions in mind, Daily knows that no matter what, L.A. will always have a special place in her heart.

“Die In LA” is a powerful piano-led ballad that completely immerses the listener into the emotions experienced by Daily. The track begins soft and slow, drawing focus on the lyrics and introducing the melancholy scene. As the song continues to the chorus, the music erupts into a whimsical synth production that brings out the life in the track. Paired with Daily’s ethereal vocals, the composition expresses the strong emotions that are overwhelming her. In the accompanying music video, Daily is pictured in multiple scenes, including a busy party and driving around L.A. in a vintage car. The video parallels the lyrics throughout the song that are making her want to leave, while simultaneously highlighting the beauty of the city that is compelling her to stay. “Die In LA” is a clever musical debut that tells the listener exactly who Hunter Daily is, and the kind of artist she is destined to be.

Hunter Daily is a singer-songwriter and actress from Los Angeles. She is the daughter of the prominent voiceover actress, EG Daily, and famous poker player, Richard Solomon. After her musical debut with “Die in LA”, Daily is set to release more singles in the next coming months via Flush Records. On October 14, she is set to release her next single, “Before It Falls Apart”. Then, she will follow up with her third single, “Skeleton Keys”, on November 18. Daily’s music is a blend of whimsical pop and 1960s Laurel Canyon. With unique and reflective lyricism, her musical career is set in a firm foundation that will reel in an abundance of fans.

Written By Karlee Smith



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