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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Dime a Dozen" - Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson’s “Dime a Dozen”, in her words, is about recognizing that your ex is a “dime a dozen” and not your “one in a million”. The song, which was released on June 23rd, delves into a past relationship and its flaws. Her first verse, sung in a distinct cadence, details the fact that a part of her still misses her ex, but she realizes that she missed her old and better self. Laura then goes on to mention that her relationship was seemingly picture-perfect, but she had to learn the hard way that it wasn’t. Then in the chorus, she sums up her battles with her past relationship, saying that “[he] messed up and [she] said sorry”, but she was left to pick up the pieces and tried to fix their relationship. But now that they’re not together, she came to recognize that he wasn’t anything special like she thought he was. In the second verse, Laura talks about her growth after they had broken up. She had “barely made it out at all”, but now that her ex is gone, she is better off on her own. With the bridge, she wraps it all up by saying that if he called her, she “wouldn’t wanna talk” at all because she’s better now. The title of the song perfectly captures the feeling of realizing your ex was just a normal guy, and he wasn’t the special guy you painted him to be.

Laura utilizes a clean, alternative indie-pop sound in this song, which is becoming increasingly more popular and mainstream in the 2020s. Although most indie songs are without a set structure and have a sense of eccentricity with their homemade sound, Laura combines that with the classic structure of a pop song to create a unique sound for herself. Other artists, like Gracie Abrams, Tate McRae, and many others, also combine indie music and pop in their own ways to make their sound that their fan bases love. Even though her sound more closely aligns with the sounds of Gracie Abrams and Tate McRae, her lyric style is comparable to Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers. Laura, Billie, and Phoebe all use sad, hard-hitting lyrics accompanied by seemingly upbeat instrumentation. Laura’s smooth vocals, combined with her simple production, create a “song of the summer” type pop song that sticks in your brain all summer long.

Laura Davidson is a singer-songwriter from the UK. She first began making music at 10 years old, and she plays guitar, piano, and violin. Currently, Laura has over 500k streams on Spotify with over 30k monthly listeners. Her first debut single, titled “U Want Me” with the singer, Nexeri, in 2019. Laura has released multiple singles since then, most notably her TikTok Viral song “More Than a Friend”, which was released in 2022. “Dime a Dozen” was co-written with UK artists Hannah Jane Lewis and Jackson Dimiglio-Wood. This past week, she was featured on the front cover of the New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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