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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Distract Me" - Tinsley

Distractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For Tinsley’s “Distract Me”, that distraction comes in the form of romance, self-sabotaging through dating bad boys with the justification that it’s all “for the plot.” It’s a different kind of damage that dating the wrong people can do, but sometimes it’s hard to help it when all they provide is a warm body as a diversion from your real problems. They occupy your brain and your attention, and, even if all they want is to take your clothes off, you sometimes don’t care if they’re the entertainment you sorely want, but probably shouldn’t. This latest single of Tinsley’s is soft and contemplative with melancholic undertones that helpfully heighten its genre’s dreamy effect.

What initially struck me about “Distract Me” was its hazily airy instrumentals. Through the track’s interlaced mellow percussion and strings, you get immediately transported into Tinsley’s world. It’s a soundscape overfull with both whimsical and somber tones, emphasized so fantastically with Tinsley’s gentle vocals. As for its songwriting, “Distract Me” is simultaneously painfully truthful and melodically catchy– allowing yourself to be used and using other people in turn to fill a void in your life, this song reveals what it means to lose yourself in meaningless romance. I especially love the line “You’re like really, really hot / So I’ll do it for the plot”, with a touch of humor and truth, Tinsley shows how easy it is to choose to use people as a distraction, as long as they’re attractive and as long as they provide you with enough attention. While the song’s message is melancholically introspective, the whimsical touch from its instrumentals and vocals created a sweet dichotomy between that and the soundscape, making it a delightfully intricate listen with each loop.

Seattle-based indie singer-songwriter Tinsley began her musical career through sharing her original songs on YouTube and Instagram, as well as playing acoustic shows in Seattle. The city quickly noticed her talents as a number of Seattle’s most prominent electronic producers, such as Justin Hartinger and Joza, sought her vocal talents and songwriting skills. She’s performed at major musical festivals like Capitol Hill Block Party 2022, and has shared the bill with Charli XCX and Diplo at Belltown Bloom 2022. Her debut single “In Bloom” released in 2018, which was then followed by a few more releases until her debut EP dropped in 2020, eponymously titled “Tinsley”. “Distract Me” is Tinsley’s first single of the year, so if you enjoyed it, drop her a follow to keep up with her next releases!

Written By Alexa Leung



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