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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "DizzyNumb" - NEVE

Anxiety is a universal struggle, yet it makes those who experience it feel as if they’re alone due to the many people that have a lack of understanding on what it is. With not having anyone to lean on or talk to about it, they start to keep their feelings to themselves. In NEVE’s latest single, “DizzyNumb,” she gets vulnerable and honest in sharing her person battle with anxiety. She uses the song to not only explain her experience to those around her, such as her mom, but also to create a safe space for others going through it. This song reminds them that they’re not alone and that NEVE understands and recognizes them. “DizzyNumb” can both serve as a learning moment and an opportunity for NEVE to connect with her fans through her vulnerability.

The song opens up with NEVE’s portrayal of anxiety, sharing that the experience is as if you’re feeling like being “Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Heavy breathing, no air, won’t you be mine.” Anxiety can feel like your mind is spiraling, making it feel like a lot is going on. It feels like you can’t catch your breath and at times, can lead to you panicking. These lyrics are very specific, detailed and crafted in a way to provide a description for those that want to communicate these feelings to those who struggle with comprehending what anxiety is. Later in the song, NEVE gives valuable advice, and highlights the importance of not battling anxiety in silence: “No one ever won a battle in silence. No one ever won a war without violence.” Here, she’s emphasizing being vocal and seeking support because you won’t “win” by being silent about the way you feel. She’s also reassuring her listeners that they’re not alone in their struggle. She acknowledges and empathizes with their experiences, knowing what it's like when you desire some help even when you’re surrounded by well-meaning, yet unaware people. “DizzyNumb” is striving to ensure that no one feels alone in their battle against anxiety.

NEVE is a pop singer-songwriter born in Ireland, but currently based in London. During her time in Ireland, she underwent classical training and dedicated years to studying musical theater. As of today, she has over 95,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Her two most streamed songs are “Want U Back” which is approaching 2 million streams, and “guy friends,” with over 600,000 streams. Just recently, she had completed a 4-day tour around the UK with Bellah Mae and Bow Anderson. Stay connected with NEVE and follow her socials by clicking on the links below. And make sure to check out her newest single, “DizzyNumb” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem


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