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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Do Not Disturb" - Kelsey Kindall

Kelsey Kindall has a powerful voice, and even more powerful lyrics in her newest single, "Do Not Disturb". Her latest release is an empowering pop anthem, sure to evoke some strong feelings, with lyrics like “I found my peace and then my power” and "I want the same for you, but you're a coward". Kelsey wrote "Do Not Disturb" for herself and for others in similar situations. This song captures the journey of Kelsey discovering her own voice, and she hopes others can do the same.

Kelsey opens up in her newest single by sharing how she's sick of getting hurt and as a result is blocking out the world. Her song “Do Not Disturb” tells the truth of overcoming hardship and speaking up. The track lays it all out on the line with a catchy baseline to follow. You can't help but feel empowered after hearing Kelsey sing, "Finally found my own voice".

Kelsey is a 26-year-old musical artist based in San Francisco, CA. She uses her music as a way to share her story, and inspire others. In 2020, Kelsey released her first single and EP named “Couldn't Be Bothered”. The upcoming artist now adds “Do Not Disturb" to her impressive list of releases. Kelsey demonstrates her talent as a singer and songwriter throughout her music. This artist is not afraid to open up about heavy hard-hitting topics that may be difficult for others to talk about. Currently, Kelsey has over 3,000 monthly listens on Spotify.

Written By Jenna Barton



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