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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Do Your Worst" - Andie Mackenzie

"Do Your Worst" by Andie Mackenzie is a dreamy, confessional song featuring her angelic vocals balanced over a piano-heavy production. The introduction started with a gentleness that almost felt like a lullaby, but the lyrics came across as vulnerable and poignant, as Mackenzie sings about getting attached too quickly and falling for a person that will never want her. The honesty in her lyrics, rawness of her vocals, and simplicity in her music made the song feel like Mackenzie was reading us a page from her diary. It is the kind of song that reminds me of "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo or "Ceilings" by Lizzy McAlpine. I am certain that Mackenzie will become one of my new favorite artists.

Mackenzie begins her track with singing about ignoring warning signs, tunnel vision, and thinking about what a relationship could have been. The deeply personal and heart-rending pre-chorus includes lyrics "Nights are hard because I think of how we could have spent them / You're vague with words so I never feel rejected / But I need to" in a chilling tone as she expresses the complexity of falling for the possibility of someone that would never return your sentiments, but wanting them to cut you off, so you can let them go. The chorus is powerful as she sings "I need you to do your worst to me / It's the only way I can be set free" in an emotional voice, letting us as listeners to see how quickly and strongly she has gotten attached to someone that will not reciprocate these feelings.

"Do Your Worst," a self-depreciating songs about the hope and pain of wanting someone, comes as the second single from Andie Mackenzie. This track released as the lead for her upcoming EP "Afterthought" that I am certain will be full of songs similar in the power and sincerity of this song. Mackenzie hails from San Diego, but she ventured into NYC in 2022. She has been writing songs since she was eight years old, which explains the strength and honesty in her lyrics. If you're also a fan of artists like Lizzy McAlpine, Olivia Rodrigo, or Gracie Abrams, I highly recommend checking out Andie Mackenzie for your next favorite artist. Her career is certain to be going far places.




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