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  • George McSherry

Review: "Doin' So Well" - Plaid Brixx

The title is not sarcastic. Indie pop artist Plaid Brixx is "Doin' So Well". Like SO well. Feeling upbeat and want to double down on some endorphins? Feeling super depressed and need to steal someone else's? Take some from here, I have a feeling Plaid Brixx won't notice, but I bet they would share happily if they did notice. The cover art captures the vibe accurately to the point where you don't really need to pay attention to my interpretation. But I'll give it anyway. Have you ever done a backflip from a rope swing, splashing into cool river water in the summertime? Neither have I, but I imagine it would feel something like this song.

The vibe is set with layered, country-adjacent anthem vocals, featuring introspective lyricism that I would usually find nauseatingly positive, but that manages to keep its grip on sincerity and relatability. Plaid Brixx rejects the modern trend of "being dark and broody" to focus on the bright and shining moments that life gives us. A drum loop sets the song off before the organic additions of an acoustic guitar and a drumset enter to anchor the song in an electro Rascal Flatts energy.

Plaid Brixx is an indie pop artist based in Colombus, Ohio. Their 2014 debut EP, Chemistry, was well-received critically, receiving a nomination at the Independent Music Awards and they have been working together ever since. They have performed at prestigious events like South By Southwest and with acts such as BORNS, Matt and Kim, and even DJ Khaled. The infectiously positive vibe that Plaid Brixx create has everything you need for upbeat indie summer anthems.

Written By *George McSherry*



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