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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Domestic Bliss" - Sofia Lafuente

‘Domestic Bliss’ by Sofia Lafuente is a fierce hug for all the worriers out there. GPAs? They’re just numbers, not your worth! Work stress? Throw it out the window and GET THAT BAG! Relationship uncertainty? Let it unfold and enjoy it while it lasts! This song says, “Screw the how!” to those pesky doomsday thoughts. Lafuente’s confidence is a message to seize today; to savor it with the ones you love. That in itself is amazing to hear! And when I say that this song will leave you spellbound, that's a promise!

In this alt-pop tune, Lafuente merges vocal elegance with a healthy longing for her romantic interest. She describes the latter as “a moment’s taste of domestic bliss,” where her anxiety beautifully dissipates with the very thought of them. The synth and percussion-focused sonics really breathe life into Lafuente’s emotions, almost animating them. A clever tactic to bring this out is made clear when you compare the building pre-choruses with the powerfully vulnerable chorus. With a notable shift in her breathing, her worries about the future swiftly become confidence in the now! In acing the finer details of the song, Lafuente’s overall wow factor goes through the roof!

Enter Sofía Lafuente, the British-Spanish alt-pop artist who debuted this incredible song with her new EP ‘Habits’ (which you should totally go stream!). This bilingual queen has shaped her sound around her heritage, where she’s embraced her Spanish roots and trans-continental upbringing. She picked up guitar at 13, after a significant back surgery limited what she could do. By the next year, her introspective songwriting flourished, and she became immersed in live performances and studio sessions. Inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Shakira, Lafuente’s continuing to redefine her style with her most authentic music yet!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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