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  • Madison Spies

Review: "Don't Call" - DAYA

Don't Call by Daya Cover Art

In singer/songwriter Daya’s new single “Don’t Call”, you’ll find yourself electrified by the pop dreamscape she’s created. Daya has crafted a track that’s not only perfect for dancing and letting loose, “Don’t Call” additionally showcases her incredible songwriting capabilities. With lyrics entailing both a tumultuous and passionate connection, Daya’s songwriting gracefully walks the fine line between resonation and yearning. This story is told through detailed lyrics such as, “Now I’m here in your arms, it’s just like the start,” as well as the passion in Daya’s voice. Her voice soars over swirling drum beats with both pain and beauty, creating an atmospheric song that has transcended current genre dividers. “Don’t Call” could be labelled as a pop song, but it provides layers that cannot fit it into one box. Daya’s style brings me nostalgia, reminding me of artists like Nelly Furtado and classic 80’s pop/alternative mixes, as well as comparisons to current artists such as Troye Sivan, Lorde, and Charli XCX.


From the echoing sound of Daya’s voice in the intro to “Don’t Call,"  the song begins to set you out on a journey. As the story escalates and Daya’s passion grows, the tempo of the track follows in a similar fashion. Daya's voice greets you first, followed by scenes that evoke specific images in your mind. I perfectly pictured a movie-like club scene and felt feelings of resonance, similar to watching a romance carry out through time in a coming-of-age story. “Don’t Call,"  in simple terms, tells the tale of a relationship that Daya needs to let go of but finds herself running back to. She finds herself thinking alone, looking back and remembering what they had, yet simultaneously knowing that she needs to break away from the situation. Her lyrics detail wishing for something to take her mind off this other person and accept that the situation doesn’t feel right anymore – an experience that is perpetuated and, unfortunately, has been felt by numerous other people. Daya’s voice, along with her intelligent songwriting, should be propelled into the pop world and give her the flowers she deserves.

Daya is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the age of 3, Daya began to learn to play a multitude of instruments including piano, saxophone, guitar, flute, and ukelele. In 2016, as a high school junior at 16 years old, Daya broke onto the music scene with her debut album, “Sit Still, Look Pretty”, certified gold in the U.S. and silver in the U.K. From the album, her track “Hide Away” became multi-platinum. Later that year, she won a Grammy with the Chainsmokers for the song “Don’t Let Me Down”. Since then, Daya has released her second EP, “The Difference” (2021), and has provided music for soundtracks like 13 Reasons Why and Blade Runner: Black Lotus. In 2023, Daya announced that she had become a fully independent artist, meaning that she has control and direction of her music and content, and given her the platform to create the sound she’s now diving into.

Written By Madison Spies

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