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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Don't Go Changing" - Nick de la Hoyde

We’ve all had the urge to change ourselves, whether that be our internal mind or our physical appearance. Society makes us feel like we have to look and act a certain way in order to fit in, but the truth is we are perfect as we are. However, if there’s a change we want, we should do it for our own selves and not for other people. Nick de la Hoyde’s single, “Don’t Go Changing” is about finding someone so unique and hoping they never change for anyone but themselves. This is a song everyone can relate to and feel motivated by. We have to remember that change can be good but not for the sake of others. It should be for our own benefit because that’s what makes it worth it. Having that reminder is important because we sometimes feel like we have to change to be accepted. Learning to ignore other people’s opinions of us will make us feel much happier.

Nick de la Hoyde’s song, “Don’t Go Changing” is an indie pop track with high-spirited vocals mixed with a fast melody and beat. It has a refreshing vibe formed by Nick’s powerful and motivating lyrics along with its catchy, upbeat soundscape that raises your adrenaline. His pop vocals enhance the music which are paired with a rock influenced tune that is head bopping worthy. It raises positive energy and drives away negative thoughts. He reminds us not to change for other people but for ourselves with his passionate message. Nick’s voice softens before the last chorus with gentle piano keys which creates an inspiring and serious experience for the listener. The song ends by picking back up the optimistic sound and his energetic, raw vocals.

Nick de la Hoyde is a singer/songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. He was exposed to many global influences that made their way into his music. Nick and his older brother Joseph (ZUZU) who is also a producer and collaborator have made a sound that’s described as “simultaneously intimate, expansive, and engaging.” Nick was a multi finalist at the International Songwriting Competition; he has received Honorary Mentions for his songs, “Mirror Mirror,” “Love Takes Time,” and “Thinking Bout You.” His debut album, A Beautiful Mess won first place at the 18th Independent Music Awards 2020 in the “Pop Album Category.” He has performed at Rolling Loud in Miami collaborated with artists from across the world, including being partnered with brands such as Seiko Watches, Hard Rock Café, Puma, and many more. Nick de la Hoyde is surely an artist worth checking out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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