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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Don't Go Looking for Love" - JB Elwood

If you go against the title of the song and look for love, you either won't find it, or you’ll find the wrong one for you. In JB Elwood’s experience, he tells the story of being strung along in a relationship that he thought was genuine, and believed that everything this girl was saying was true. Unfortunately, it was full of lies and heartbreak. “Don’t Go Looking for Love” sends a message, and maybe even a warning for those searching for love, to be cautious of people’s intentions and be patient for the right person to come. Not only communicate and be upfront from the very beginning, but also, just allow love to find its way to you. Don’t chase it. Just let it come naturally and don’t force it!

In the beginning of the song, JB’s voice is soft, accompanied with an acoustic guitar and he immediately jumps into exposing his ex for being a liar. He’s speaking about himself in 2nd person, but he also does this to share how it might be for someone else who went looking for love as he did, and the result of doing so. He shares that he was fooled into believing that it was “The real thing.” Once he catches onto who she truly was as a person, and that she had negative intentions with him the entire time, he says, “Nevermind all the times, nevermind all the lines that she drew in your head.” Now regretting that, he says, “You were blind, you were blind. You were out of your mind. You wish you left her instead.” It sounds as if he's also putting a little bit of the blame on himself, but this shouldn’t be the case. When getting into a relationship, you naturally and instantly think that you two are on the same page because that's how it was supposed to be. However, this girl was the opposite and played with his feelings for the whole time that they were together. JB is right. Love is blind and it takes a while to catch onto these things. You push these red flags away because you’re stuck on the "good" actions and words that they’ve shown you, and you don’t realize how it was fake until it's too late. This song is JB learning a lesson, which is to let love find him and to stop chasing it. It’s also a message and warning to the listeners to do the same thing in order to not go through his same situation. He puts an emphasis on this message in the chorus when we hear the drums and guitar being more prominent, as well as projecting his voice when he repeats “Don’t go looking for love”, four times.

JB Elwood is a singer and song-writer who’s currently based in Austin, Texas, but comes from a musical family that lives in West Virginia. His love for music first came from hearing Slash, lead guitarist from the rock band Guns N’ Roses, shredding the guitar. Specifically, their song, “Welcome to the Jungle” is what inspired him to pick up the guitar and explore the world of m,usic from there. With his relatives playing numerous instruments, it was always meant for JB to become an artist and create music for people to listen to. He is heavily inspired by his late grandpa who motivated him to continue playing the guitar, making music and making it far as an artist. He will continue to use that guitar and share relatable stories ranging from love, heartbreak, change, commitment, and also striving to have his music be “the soundtrack to your life.” Follow JB Elwood on his journey with the links below, and check out “Don’t Go Looking for Love” out now on streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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