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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Don't Go Yet" - RVBY

“Don’t Go Yet” is a soft pop song about the perfect idealization of being with someone you’re in awe of. Even through hard times and moments that may seem like a bad reality, it’s really not that way at all. It’s just life and it’s beautiful. This song doesn’t have to be about a significant other, in fact when you listen to it, want names might come to mind. Just the pure appreciation of a person you care about, and they may never know that this song was about them or that you thought of them when listening to it. It makes you really think about your life and the people in it. “Don’t Go Now” is a great reminder to tell those around us that we love them.

RBVY has beautiful vocals that create this overall soft sound to this track. The song use contemporary pop writing with a combination of 80s groove to create a new kind of mix. Fusing these unique beats with the sweetness of RBVY’s voice, “Don’t Go Yet” becomes a really catchy and upbeat hit. I think a lot of the elements that RBVY chose, give me a musical theater feel. The chord progression in the keyboard during the chorus especially builds in the same way a lot of theater music does. I really really liked that in the song. It’s not something you usually feel in pop music, but it was a really cool touch that became my favorite part of the tune!

*Third Paragraph*Beginning her musical career as a teen country singer, RBVY has evolved to become a pop icon. In her early years of musicianship, RBVY always wrote songs that were meaningful and relatable to the audience. She draws inspiration from artists like Elton John, Cyndi Lauper, Maggie Rogers, and Robyn. She’s spent the last few years recording and releasing her first few singles, which showcases her wide range of style. Keep up with RBVY so you don’t miss any pop hits!

Written By Emily Hancock



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