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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Don't Know About The World" - Emei

“Don’t Know About The World” is Emei’s latest release, offering perspective into what it is to be in love without understanding it. Being lost in the world and finding a destination and a partner for the road in one person. The first line of the song “Don’t know about the world but I know that I love you” perfectly explains the security found in this sort of relationship. The sense of safety and perfect clarity only available when one is comfortably in love. However, whilst displaying the relaxation found in a relationship like this, Emei manages to subtly touch on the danger of it as well. Speaking of how she may never leave the house, merely stare out their small window, hating thinking of and meeting new people. It’s a stagnant state, whether it’s desirable or not is up to the listener.

Her first lines of the song are stated with simplicity, a key behind each one as if trying to explain the situation with emphasis on each word. The theme of not knowing is especially pushed here with this one fact, “I know that I love you”, being so straightforward compared to the rest of the lyrics. There’s a slow build behind these statements that explodes when Emei begins explaining her past, showing off the first of the audio editing talent displayed within the piece. It is a mystical and intense echo that leaves its mark on the remainder of the song, coming back again and again. Throughout, Emei doesn’t repeat much, besides that very first line. The only thing she knows. The alt-pop sound of the music reflects Emei’s own voice, with both intensifying up until the last moment of the song when she reverts back to her original tone of simplicity in stating “Don’t know about the world but I know that I love you”.

Emei was born to immigrant parents in New Jersey, she didn’t have connections to the industry, not even someone within it she looked up to. But by nine years old she was already beginning her work in it, singing constantly. When she was fifteen, she traveled to China to participate in Chinese Idol, and she did fantastically, perfecting her ability to perform to a large audience and placing third. She then went on to attend and graduate from Yale, where she wrote her first hit song “Late to the Party”. After it went viral, first on Tiktok, her popularity skyrocketed and she began releasing song after song. Each of which now hold millions of streams from her 1.2 million listeners on Spotify. Emei is an incredibly impressive success story, learn more about it below by following her and streaming “Don’t Know About The World”.

Written By Hailey Schap



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