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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Don't Know Love Yet" - Daria Mirea

The love that I’ve watched in older shows and movies makes me envious. They make the act of falling in love, of being in love, and staying in love look so effortless. Even if the love endures some hardships – no worries. A few magic sentences that contain the word sorry, coupled with a spontaneous gift like flowers seems to right all the wrongs that have been committed. Having this be my only healthy example of love has made me realize that maybe I don’t know what love looks like, or should look like. Daria Mirea seems to be in the same boat with her debut single, “Don’t Know Love Yet”.

“Don’t Know Love Yet” is a guitar-laden ballad that focuses on emotional vulnerability when it comes to romance. The song starts with light acoustic guitar notes before Mirea’s voice can be heard. This is where listeners hear her soulful melody. Through it, she provides the countless examples of lackluster and confusing actions of a former flame – actions that initially made her adore this person and think of love. But now these actions make her question whether this was genuine love. And surprisingly, the song only utilizes Mirea’s voice and the guitar playing for the first half – doing so provides the artist with a significant amount of space to express and build to intense emotions listeners don’t get the pleasure of experiencing often. Mirea certainly lives up to this expectation of intensity in the middle of the track where floor drums enter the mix to give listeners a more passionate sound to familiarize themselves with while begging the question of what love should look like.

The Romanian native and Pop-Soul singer, Daria Mirea, currently resides in London. Mirea always had a strong aptitude for music but didn’t catch the public eye until 2018 when she performed live on “The Voice of Romania”. In the subsequent years leading up to 2020, Mirea began writing songs while attending the London Music School and learning how to play the guitar. Fast forward to 2022, Mirea’s released her debut single, “Don’t Know Love Yet”, which exclusively features her otherworldly guitar strumming. While we patiently wait to hear more from the artist, we can shower her in virtual love in the form of streams and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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