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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Don't Make Me Sing" - Justin Llamas

If you ever felt trapped in a relationship, unable to use your voice, you should definitely give the song "Don't Make Me Sing," by Justin Llamas a listen. With its heart-tugging lyrics combined with the catchy accompaniment; it truly emphasizes the effects that poor communication has in a relationship.

When Justin Llamas sings the chorus in his new song "Don't Make Me Sing," it illustrates and symbolizes him or other partners in a relationship arguing with their significant other over poor communication translating to, 'Please don't push me to a point where I will say something hurtful and then you (other partner) will switch the blame on me, making it look like I am bad one.' basically gaslighting the other person. The music within the song also plays a part in creating an emotional connection with the listener where it gets louder and softer depending if Llamas is at the chorus (LOUD) expressing his compassion and frustration to his partner or at the verses (SOFT) where he is inside his head trying to recollect his thoughts before he says what he needs to be said. This song would feel right at home with a John Legend or NSYNC release.

Born in the Bay Area of California, Justin Llamas is an actor, voice actor, and music recording artist. He earned his performing debut on the popular streaming site YouTube, and has been producing chart-topping cover videos for years since as well as a loyal fan base across multiple platforms. As stated, "Justin's original music can be described as 'Versatile Pop,' spanning acoustic melodies to hard-hitting synths. His work has received compliments from the likes of L.A. Reid, Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, and Babyface."

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Written By Troy Sica



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