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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Don't Say No" - Maddisun

To believe in something in spite of being alone in that faith is a courageous act of resistance on its own. It can feel much easier to bow your head and accept the cynicism of the world around you. On the lead single, "Don't Say No," for her upcoming album, singer-songwriter Maddisun explores the moments when believing in yourself can be a form of protest. The soft and polished pop production shines like an optimistic and triumphant statement against defeat. Her message is clear and deeply felt: the universe might say no to you, but it only matters if you agree with it.

The bounciness of the guitars and percussion provide an elastic ground for Maddisun's gorgeous voice to spring from. As she hollers in the chorus, it feels as though she's soaring through the air. "Let me be all I can be" she warbles, pitch descending only for a moment before a cheer of the song's title lifts her higher than before. The glittering synth overtop plays like a sun at golden hour, casting her in a warm glow. "Inside my mind / I'm bigger than life." Life may be a gauntlet of opposition, but self-acceptance eclipses it entirely.

Maddisun is a singer-songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. She released her debut album Self Reflections in 2020, followed by two singles in 2021. "Don't Say No" is the first single teasing towards the upcoming release of Home is Where the Music is. Her music is notably chameleonic in style, ranging from glossier to folksier production. In addition, she is currently on tour in Canada through mid-July.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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