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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Don't Talk" - Cheska Moore

We all know it's wrong but sometimes we are more attracted to the passion that comes with toxic behavior. A healthy relationship is a nice but raw affection after an absence is better. Most of us pretend it isn't the case but Cheska chooses a different approach. She lays it all on the table and expresses why she likes the bit of toxicity. Intentionally choosing to be toxic to get the results you want from your partner is not the best choice for a happy relationship. But, acknowledging what good can come out of it is all Cheska wants us to do. Don’t Talk urges anyone who enjoys a little bit of toxicity to stand up and say what they feel.

Don’t Talk is an eerie dark pop banger. Centering itself in a moody edm soundscape that benefits from heavy basslines in the chorus. The mood of the track is high energy and provocative. Cheska knows what she likes about the relationship is wrong. Enjoying the lack of presence from her partner because of the makeup afterward is so exciting. The relationship is bringing out the worst in her but she keeps pulling for the bad parts of the relationship so she can cut to the passion after the storm. Don’t Talk is a rather unique track because of its subject. The exploration of intentional toxicity is so uncommon. Paired with the unapologetic nature of the track you can’t help but bop your head and relate to the lyrics in some way.

Cheska Moore is a South London dark pop icon. She has been working in the music industry since 2019. Making a name for herself with her moody instrumentals and relatable lyricism. She began her journey with Billie Eilish as the main influence on her sound. After playing with different vibes she has ultimately made the genre her own. After a brief break from the spotlight, she has come back to show the progress she's in her absence. Playing with different moods and tackling uncomfortable subjects in her music has become her new frontier and she fits perfectly in the space.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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