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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Don't Want a Body - Skylar Lee

Skylar Lee naturally captivates audiences with her authentic songwriting and mesmerizing vocals, making her one of the industry’s most talented artists. Each one of her releases are meticulously crafted to be replayed on repeat by the audience while they resonate with the honest lyrics she sings. “Don’t Want a Body” details Lee’s experience with her inability to move on from a break-up, while everything else around her seems to do it effortlessly—including her own body. The clever song explores the science behind leaving someone in the past while the singer relentlessly tries to hold on. The listener is immediately introduced to this idea with the first verse as Lee sings: “I read on the internet// You kiss someone// The next 6 months// Their DNA stays in your system// It’s a matter of time ‘til it’s missing.” She continues with this theme as she sings: “And I hear every 7 years// That new cells grow// Replace the old// I wish I could stop it completely// Then maybe your touch wouldn’t leave me.” This verse sets up the premise of the entire track—that Lee is afraid to move on because one day her body will completely forget about them. New cells will form and eventually there will not be a physical piece of her that has touched her ex-boyfriend. If “moving on were that scientific,” then maybe Lee would be willing to allow this change in her body. But she knows that her heart will not move on, and she does not “want a body that doesn’t know” him. Lee’s poetic lyricism in each one of her releases always astounds me, leaving me in awe of her intellectual yet creative storytelling. With “Don’t Want a Body”, the singer has once again blown my expectations out of the water and reinforced her spot as one of my favorite underrated artists.

While the past few releases by Lee have been energetic anthems, “Don’t Want a Body” strips down to a melancholic ballad that tugs on the heartstrings of listeners. The track immediately begins with the singer’s angelic voice before quickly being accompanied by the delicate piano and airy synth waves. This automatically introduces the audience to the somber atmosphere, preparing them for the heart-wrenching storyline. In the pre-chorus, the instrumentation slows down and becomes staggered, putting an emphasis on the vulnerable lyrics. When the chorus hits, the production increases with the steady beat that mimics a heartbeat, symbolizing Lee’s mind and body being connected to her former partner. She feels that she cannot live without him, like a person cannot live without a beating heart. After a brief production pause, a unique, reverberating sound effect transitions the track into the second verse, where the original instrumentation returns while the steady beat remains. Additional subtle sound effects and harmonizing vocals are heard, bringing an extra layer to the soundscape. At the end of the pre-chorus, the production breaks down before picking back up in the chorus. Another layer to the song is added with the increase of sound effects heard softly in the background, preparing the listener for the upcoming emotional climax of the track. In the post-chorus, a soft guitar plays as Lee’s powerful vocalizations mesmerize the audience. The instrumentation begins to build, with the drums intensifying before breaking into the explosion of the bridge. The passionate vocals and strong instrumentation elicit chills in the listener as they feel the same raw emotion that Lee is exhibiting. At the end of the bridge, the production decreases to only her voice and the soft piano. This continues into the outro, where Lee sings the first few lines of the chorus, closing out the track with a vulnerable moment. Lee has a natural talent for creating songs that resonate with her listeners’ emotions through her authentic narratives and intricate productions. “Don’t Want a Body” beautifully displays this talent, earning its rightful position on my favorite gloomy weather playlist.


Skylar Lee is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer based in Nashville. From a young age, she knew music was her passion, so when she turned 17, she moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville to pursue her dream. Lee proudly wears her heart on her sleeve which translates into vulnerable lyrics and creative hooks. Her perfect-pitch ear provides a unique talent when it comes to songwriting. She has already made impressive waves in the music industry, including being featured in Rolling Stone India for two of her 2022 tracks, “Hotel in a Hurry” and “Modern Art”. Additionally, Lee was a Top 25 finalist for the American Songwriting Competition for “Modern Art” and a semi-finalist for the International Songwriting competition for her single, “Too Good to be You.” Following down the path of her inspirations like Maisie Peters, Mimi Webb, Conan Gray, and Dagny, Lee continues to garner more and more fans for herself, proving that she is on track to be one of the world’s next great pop musicians.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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