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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Don't Worry" - Winnie Ama

Life is stressful and we all deal with our own demons, but sometimes we are lucky enough to have a person that makes life just a little bit easier. "Don't Worry" by Winnie Ama poetically tells a story of looking back on how far you've come with the one you love. It might not be exactly where you want to be, but the progress made is something to be proud of. You find yourself appreciating your partner even more than usual in these moments of self-doubt because they are by your side to tell you that you'll be okay. Without them, you may not even be where you are today.

Winnie Ama takes us back in time in the soundscape of 'Don't Worry'. Her unique and jazz inspired vocals remind you of a young Ella Fitzgerald mixed with Amy Winehouse, and a hint of rasp like Nina Simone. Old-fashioned soulful and urban instrumentation surround Winnie's voice, bringing a sense of nostalgia. The groove throughout the song makes you feel like you're being transported into a club in the late '40s. Slow and sensual RnB music fills the air, you can almost smell the cigar smoke and whiskey.

Winnie Ama is a singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland. Inspired by a wide variety of artists like Ella Fitzgerald all the way to Dua Lipa, Winnie has created a sound that is a mix of soulful classic RnB as well as electronic and alt-pop. Making her solo debut in 2020, her first release 'What Are We' stayed in the top 20 for six weeks on MusicWeek's UK Black Club chart. Her first ever release as an artist was a collaboration with Francis Groove in 2019, in which secured the #7 spot in the UK Urban Club Charts with the song 'I Swear'. If you love a classic feel to your music, make sure to follow Winnie to keep up with her journey!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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