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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Down Down Down Down" - Chris James

Down Down Down Down is the latest anthem from German singer/songwriter and worldwide sensation, Chris James. Following the release of his fourth album, Dopamine Detox, just this January, the new track sees James questioning why his life is suddenly spiraling downhill. The first verse has James looking at the false optimism he experiences from day to day and wondering if "there['s] no gold at the end of the road." The catchy, but heartbreaking chorus is when James asks the million-dollar question... "Why am I feeling so/Down, down, down, down again?" James continues his skepticism in the second verse, saying, "I bounce between irrational and common sense/No, I'm not gonna chill, I'm trying to make a dent." Chris James' writing style has hooked me so much that I've instantly down down down down-loaded all of his music to my Spotify.

Though the title of the song and the lyrics may be Down Down Down Down, the overall vibe of the track is anything but that. The track starts with a bouncy acoustic guitar riff that reminded me of playing Mario Kart Wii with my buddies on a hot July 2010 day. James also incorporates a light drum beat and some high-pitched synths that came together to remind me of Skrillex and Diplo's 2015 collaboration with Justin Bieber, Where Are U Now? Chris James has a lovely baritone voice that fits in nicely alongside some of the other pop music greats like Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, and Dan Reynolds. I couldn't picture anyone but James on this track and on my next trip to Coconut Mall, I might be muting my TV to turn his voice up. Ya-HOO!

Chris James may be from Berlin, Germany, but he is slowly taking over the entire world. As a songwriter, he has already become a legend, both locally and internationally. He co-wrote Komet by Apache 207 x Udo Lindenberg which is the longest number-one song in Germany, but over here in the States, he is known for helping out with the Billboard Hot 100 number one, Life Goes On by BTS. In his solo music career, he has already released four studio albums and even had his breakout hit, Not Angry, reach five billion uses on the Chinese social media platform, Douyin. With the release of Down Down Down Down, James is ringing in a new era with a brand new album set for release in 2025 and a world tour hitting Asia and Europe this summer. Chris James is SUPER talented. Please go stream his new song if you want to be up up up up in life.

Written by Jordan Elliott



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