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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Down the Drain" - Grava

Grava Down the Drain Cover Art

Singer-songwriter Grava comes in with a banger that electrifies our souls with her newest rock anthem, “Down the Drain.” A 90s-inspired single with a flared, edgy sound, singer Grava confidently makes her mark with her latest release. The song centers on the beginnings of a new relationship and the fear and anxiety that sometimes creep in. Intense yet emotional, her single creates a “safe” space where these feelings and insecurities can be authentically expressed. Grava notes the pain of valuing someone so much, that everything you are can sometimes feel as though it pales in comparison. “Why do I have to be so rotten / Why do I have to be so cruel / Why did I have to put you on a pedestal.” From the beginning, Grava throws stones at herself, as if she's tossed to and fro by her emotions and doubtfulness. She mentions drinking down the pain and being overcome with sadness: “The air can’t blow my kisses / When I’m crying from a far / And when I wash the insides down at the bar.”

The song is a nostalgic throwback reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams. The single also embodies the punk and edginess of Olivia Rodrigo, along with her clever lyrics. Extremely catchy and moody, the song denotes a carelessness and strength in voice that's fitting for the 90’s rock sound it pays homage to. I can imagine myself walking through the streets of Manhattan under a gray clouded sky with the single blasting through my ears. Her deep voice carries the strength that's needed to uphold a heavy song such as this. Drums bellow and boom throughout, blending with the guitar to create a powerful sound. Strung with deep bass and an electric guitar at the forefront, “Down the Drain” pulls you in deeply with its artfully crafted sound and spirit.

Grava has been releasing music since 2021 and has produced multiple singles. One of her singles, "cigarettes and lollipops," has garnered over 10,000 streams. From a young age, Grava has always had a great love for music and acting. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Grava has traveled to various cities while pursuing her dream, including New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Grava is also a talented multi-instrumentalist, skillfully mastering the piano and guitar. Through her music, Grava has shown to be uniquely authentic and gratefully honest with her lyrics, writing narratives that instantly capture listener's hearts and minds. Her pop-rock sound blended within an alternative rock soundscape makes for a perfect fit alongside Grava's compelling voice. Make sure to check out Grava’s single “Down the Drain” below!

Written By Mia Chavez


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