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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Dreamer" - ARRIE

“Dreamer” is an electropop anthem that explores the complex yet freeing feelings of post-breakup life while still holding on. After a difficult and sudden breakup, what remains is the jumbled emotions that led you to being broken-hearted. Even after spending so long with them, you were completely blindsided and now have to continue living without them. In the coming months, you gain a new sense of independence where you embrace new opportunities and are optimistic of the future. Your ex and the toxic breakup they initiated seem so far in the past now. However, your mind wanders occasionally and you can’t help but imagine what could have been. You waited during lonely nights and sometimes deluded yourself into thinking there was something you could have done differently. But that person you knew only had a facade, and what remains now is your future and what you can embrace about it.

“Dreamer” is a synthpop single that integrates standard musical elements with modern ones. One of the key defining aspects early on is the consistent guitar strums. This strumming is soon accompanied by modern ambient elements. Both the vocals and the instrumental are paired with this consistent reverb that slowly builds up during each verse. A standout aspect of this is subtle integration of a low bass that eventually defines the single. The choral instrumental really highlights the defining electropop genre, becoming reminiscent of other EDM subgenres such as house. Every element blends together for an ambient electro experience.

ARRIE is a singer-songwriter from Vienna, Austria. He has been interested in creating music for most of his life and created his first song at just eight years old. He has continuously created music in his home with admirable success. The young artist is inspired by music groups such as The Rolling Stones. After creating his first few songs on his own, he officially began his music career by releasing his first single, “Wonderful Life”. He has accumulated a loyal social media following and regularly connects with fans through this. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Dreamer” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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