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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Dreamer" - SiDizen King x Brandyn Burnette

“Dreamer” by SiDizen King and Brandyn Burnette is a special song created for those who have big dreams and goals. “Dreamer” has a motivational message and that even though times may get hard, you will be able to overcome it with obstacles but knowing in the end, it’ll all be worth it. This encouraging song is emotional that bring tears to my eyes because it shows that everyone goes through tough situations, and that it's okay. The lyrical meaning behind the song is beautiful and especially during Black History month, it’s even more meaningful. It makes me remember that although a friend or family member may have a smile on their face, that smile might also be hurting. If you ever feel alone or vulnerable, play this song to help the motivation and inspiration flow through. But remember…that you’re not actually alone in the world.

In the beginning lyrics, “The closer I get, the more I can taste it / written in stone, can’t nobody break it” already itself is a strong message just from the start. The first couple of lines tells us that this song is going to be emotionally motivating. The next couple of lines say, “Whatever might come, I’ll be ready to face it”. This is extremely inspiring and a motto for a lot of people. There is gentle piano music that plays during those first few lines which is calming and anticipates the listener for the rap verses. King’s rap verses are important to listen to and understand because there is pain and power that he expresses through his lyrics. The music itself has a great melody that matches the emotion of the lyrics. There are sounds that seems to be violin strums during King’s raps which creates a unique and different sound. Burnette ends the song with “…dreamer just like you” that shows that everyone has their own dreams and goals to obtain.

SiDizen King is an LA-based musician who creates rap music and hip-pop. He started on Soundcloud and now has over 5k followers. He has multiple songs on Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Songs on Blogs,” he’s landed on Spotify’s “U.S. Viral 50” chart, and many more achievements. His music is inspiring and for “Dreamer,” the reason him and Burnette wrote it was to inspire people to find their own path to their dreams. Brandyn Burnette is an independent artist since 2015. He has written songs for the Backstreet Boys, Afrojack, Keith Urban, and Rich the Kid. Through writing songs for other artists, he has been writing his own album that is yet to debut. Burnette has plans to release his own singles and is now currently managed by Zac Cohen at Scooter Braun’s mgmt. company SB Projects. King and Burnette are set to go on tour on March 23rd, 2023, in Venice, CA.

Written By Lyndsey Cheng

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