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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Dreaming" - Nina Luna

Nina Luna releases lush, electro-pop track “Dreaming” as her first string of singles in 2023. This song is an intoxicating ode to the mind-altering effects of being in love. There are rare moments and people who make you pinch yourself and question the veracity of reality because life has never been this good, euphoria has never felt this real, and even your dreams don’t compare to the abiding bliss you experience everyday. When experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime love like this, many naysayers will claim it’s too good to be true, but some things in life just really are that idyllic. Even if it ends tomorrow, the highs were worth every low to follow. “Dreaming” is about embracing the good in your life instead of questioning it or anticipating a sudden change. When everything seems to be going your way, relish in it. Just like when our dreams are so blissful, we go back to sleep in hopes the same one comes back, we can live our lives just the same.

The moment “Dreaming” begins, you’re transported to the four walls of your bedroom, head hitting the pillow, eyes fluttering as you drift away into a far away land of your mind. The melody is reminiscent of the pure ecstasy of your favorite dream that you pray to reappear every night. Her lyrics are raw and vulnerable, and her production is otherworldly. This song encapsulates the ethereal nature of her voice that melds seamlessly with her vocal power. Nina wrote, recorded, produced, mix and mastered this electro-pop track after writing the first verse years ago, rediscovering it, and making it a labor of love for all to enjoy. The combination of the cinematic music and the vivid imagery of the lyrics showcases Nina Luna’s ever-growing talent and commitment to her craft.

Nina Luna’s natural mysticism and sacred sensuality combined with her lust for life and fiery edge lend to her shape-shifting alt-pop sound that comes from the unique influence of her bond with the places she called home: the hills of New England, the myths of Minneapolis, the bright lights of New York, and the dive bars in Los Angeles. Synonymous with a force of nature, Nina is hard to pin down and difficult to define, but her captivating allusiveness is part of the mystique that keeps us coming back for more. Compared to the likes of Lorde, Florence + the Machine, and Taylor Swift, expect a high-energy, engaging show when Nina takes the stage. This methodical Minnesota mystic spends her days writing, recording, producing, and mixing her own music at home, and she is constantly evolving and enhancing her expertise. Keep an eye out for more otherworldly singles dropping in 2023, and catch Nina Luna at her 331 Club Spring Residency “First Fridays” and experience the magic for yourself!

Written By Grace Chapman



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