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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Drinking Problems" - emme oneill

emme oneill’s “Drinking Problems” is like an excerpt from the diary we keep hidden in the depths of our mind. This raw, vulnerable single about hardships and complex dynamics in life and love takes you on an emotional journey from start to finish. emme searches for answers to life’s most complicated questions that seem to be a rite of passage in modern-day romance. “Drinking Problems” is a love-letter to toxic relationships that you put in a pretty envelope and set on fire.. letting all the negativity and turmoil go up in flames. Relationships that leave you troubled, your mind swirling, and your deepest scars bleeding seem to be a dime a dozen these days, and they can feel impossible to understand, let alone move on from. There is no guidebook on how to reclaim the person you once were and the hope you used to wear proudly, but sometimes the best path to healing, the best medicine, and the best chance at freedom is to look in the mirror with admiration, fake a smile until it becomes real, forgive someone who’s never apologized, and let the pain be an inspiration to fall back in love with yourself, and let the heartbreak lead you to a wiser, stronger version of yourself who will never again settle for less than what you deserve.

“Drinking Problems” is a Honeyed Modern Pop, R&B fused single where emme thinks out loud and gives her audience a glimpse into an over-thinker’s mind who’s dealing with picking up the pieces of her heart that someone else destroyed. This song is bright and rich with a reversed organ chord progression that melds perfectly with emme’s ethereal vocals. You can feel the depth of every word she sings. As the song progresses, light and stunning grooves take over. We’re hooked on every lyric and can’t get the sweet melodies and real emotion out of our minds. emme wanted to show her audience that it’s okay to not be okay, and she wants to let them know that learning how to cope takes time, and healing is not linear. “Drinking Problems” is the perfect mix of authenticity and musicality, and she gives her listeners a safe space to understand they will never be alone.

emme oneill is a Memphis, Tennessee native who is quickly becoming one of Nashville’s most captivating up-and-coming artists. Her music draws similarities from R&B, synth-pop, and modern pop. She uses her platform to dive into real issues that aren’t talked about enough. She wants her audience to know that she has been through hardships and toxic situations in life, and they can relate to her and slowly heal together. emme channels all her pain into her creative process to share her stories with the world and be a big sister to everyone who’s gone through something similar. This rising singer/songwriter will inspire a generation with her honesty, vulnerability, and raw talent. emme oneill is certainly one to watch out for, so check out her social media below, and become a part of her worldwide takeover!

Written By Grace Chapman



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