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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Driving to LA" - Belot

Belot recently released her funky dance-pop single "Driving to LA." This piece brings that "you only live once" kind of energy, as the song talks about just dropping everything and doing what you really want to do. Belot sings about how with getting older, it becomes difficult to make time with friends or to do things just for the sake of pleasure and not for the sake of having to do it. She sings about how the other person seems to have their life completely figured out while she is still in the process of chalking up a plan, so they should just drive to LA before they have to start their professional lives. The message of this song is a great reminder for listeners to take time for themselves, and to do activities that sound extremely fun just because.

Just like her other pieces, this single is absolutely electric and doesn't fail to bring that high-energy beat that Belot always produces. Even from the very first milli-second, the upbeat melody begins. I like how all the sounds kind of start at once so that the energy is kept consistent throughout the entire song. Whether it's her vocals or the melody, Belot succeeded in making every aspect of this song a certain level of happiness that makes listeners automatically happy as well. The melody has some bouncy beats to it and creates such a funky sound. As for her vocals, Belot has a very light and airy voice which is perfect for the tone of the piece as a whole. And with the lyrics, Belot sings about good times and living life to its fullest. All of these aspects make this piece the perfect feel-good song and strengthens Belot's reputation as an artist with the best electric tunes.

Growing up in London, Belot was exposed to the music scene at a very young age and decided that she wanted to pursue music after attending a Paul McCartney show in Hyde Park. She attended Roadhouse workshops growing up and was able to be surrounded by writers and producers. Belot is relatively new to the music scene, as she began performing and releasing music within the past few years. She released multiple singles leading up to the release of her debut EP Electric Blue in 2020 and also has just released a new EP Harmless Fun as of June 10. Her funk-pop tunes have such a fun sound to them and are as colorful as Belot herself.

Written By Melina Darlas



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