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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Drown" - OCEXNS

"Drown" is the latest single from the alt rock band OCEXNS. Listeners will easily get lost in the track, due to its electric instrumentals and emotional subject matter. While having a high powered track, the band is still able to tackle emotional subject matter in the lyrics. The song speaks about the band's singer Ross and his battle with mental health. More than just speaking about his mental health the lyrics also open up and reveal how the coping mechanisms one can use, can only further one down a toxic path. The track specifically touches on using alcohol as a coping mechanism for a hard time, and reveals to listeners that such vices are not the answer.

"Drown" has a very firmiliar but unqiue sound. The sound is very reflective of the alternative rock and pop scenes, providing all the great elements listeners love from those genres. While using these genres as references the track still has elements that make it its own authentic track among the masses. One of the most notable elements in making "Drown" authentic is the song's voice and story. The story is in no way vapid and is a vulnerable look at the struggles humans face. With a narrative that most listeners can find relatability in, and an amazing guitar hook, "Drown" is a must listen.

OCEXNS is a band based in the UK. Its members are Ross Mitchell (vocals and guitar), Brendan Quirke (drums), Cameron McKendrick (guitar), and Cameron Higgins (bass). Together with their creative energies the band creates music that listeners can easily get lost in. Their melodies and guitar hooks easily suck listeners in, and create a moment of escapism. The band has just released debuted their own work in March of 2023. They first made a statement with their debut single, "Under the Wire," which revealed their sound to audiences. Since then the band has released "Drown," which proved to be just as exciting as their first single.

Written By Alison Holst


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