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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Drug Store (Waste My Time)" - Jet City Sports Club

The nostalgia of "Drug Store (Waste My Time)" is not evident through any inherent reference, but instilled through bittersweet melody and wistful yearning. The latest single from Syndey-based band, Jet City Sports Club, is a syrupy reminder to take pleasure in falling for someone. It's not without stakes or anxieties—in fact, it's built upon them—but the levity they instill the lyrics and sound with paints these moments in a soft warmth. The distortion-heavy bass of the four-piece's previous songs are still present, but they're softened and sweetened by vocalist Lilla Obradovic's feather-light melody. The jangly guitar feels playful as it ascends over the chorus. It could easily soundtrack a summery coming-of-age film.

"Can you pull me back down?" Obradovic asks the object of her longing. "Drug Store (Waste My Time)" revolves around intimacy like the vortex of a whirlpool; pulling towards closeness knowing it could sink them. The sweetness and simplicity of yearning ("I think you're really cute") pairs with distance like a bitter aftertaste. "I see you waiting by your front door and I look to the ground," she sings listlessly. Like the title suggests, it could wind up being a waste of her time, but Jet City Sports Club position this prospect as a welcome possibility. "[I] got so much time, more than I need," Obradovic shrugs playfully. If you spend your life fearing the time you'll waste on people, you'll waste your time running from them. In the world of "Drug Store (Waste My Time)," the price of time is as cheap as drug store trinkets.

Sydney-based indie outfit, Jet City Sports Club burst onto the scene in 2021 with their indelible debut EP, "September Sun." Making their name in the indie-rock scene for their authentic blend of 90's indie sounds. 2022 saw the group level up with punchier hooks and polished production, such as in the exquisite "Feeling It All." This year sees the four-piece once again expanding their horizons, starting with "Drug Store (Waste My Time)." Recorded with production and engineering from Fletcher Matthews, the latest single calls to mind the indie pop of Soccer Mommy, The Beths, and Middle Kids. While no official details have been revealed, Jet City Sports Club have stated that more music is soon to follow.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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