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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Drunk & Lonely" - Sofi Tyler

“Drunk & Lonely” despite it’s deceivingly depressive title, is an upbeat pop punk anthem actually boosting self worth. That title “Drunk & Lonely” rather refers to those whom she wishes to avoid, men whose reliance on her grows only with the things they lose. It’s an unempathetic rejection, and rightly so. Though the characteristics she describes in these men: loneliness, being incapable of self care, would usually be expected to provoke pity, it is clear these things are used in a way that manipulates the sympathy they create. So, Tyler flips the script and calls them out as unworthy of her attention and pathetic, in need of help maybe, but not from her. Her lyrics refer to the manipulation these men conduct in the way their words don’t match their actions, they say a lot being “drunk and lonely” without any follow through, so now Sofi finds herself being the honest one. Her refusal to be used and an array of lyrics reflecting her own self confidence make the song an empowering piece.

The song begins with a scattered but steady guitar beat. Tyler’s voice begins over it, with the guitar steadily increasing its pace behind her. She has a voice made for rock, low and almost raspy with a certain tone behind it found only in the classic rock artists that came before her. Even though this alone labels her singing as invaluable, she still manages to surprise the listener. When the guitar settles into a more continuous melody, her voice carries a note across this intro that adds a sort of femininity not usually seen in the genre, displaying her range beautifully. The chorus is reminiscent of 2000s pop punk such as Avril Lavigne and is just as catchy, this is a song meant to be screamed along to after only the first listen. The song ends on a final rendition of this chorus, upbeat “drunk and lonely” on repeat until a final whisper of “and that’s all you’ll ever be”.

Sofi Tyler was born in Wilmington, Delaware to a family who loved rock music. When she was young, she began watching Hannah Montana whilst being a fan of artists such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, and her genre was born. She left Wilmington as soon as she finished high school to chase her passions for music in California. There, she would go on to study music before eventually deciding to go her own way and simply create. Her first release “Monotony” was written for and featured in the film “High Strung” made in 2016, she would also go on to appear in its sequel “High Strung Free Dance” two years later. The song is still one of her most popular, holding over two hundred thousand streams on Spotify. But, she hasn’t stopped there, she’s spent her time since its release creating three additional singles and cultivating an audience, especially on social media where she’s earned over 10k followers on Instagram and over 50k on TikTok. Join this audience now by following her below and streaming “Drunk & Lonely”.

Written By Hailey Schap



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