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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Drunk" - MICHA

MICHA wears his heart on his sleeve with his latest single, "Drunk." The track gives a genuine and exposed look at the artist's feelings for another, taking us on a journey of falling in love. "Drunk" expresses the beauty and fear that comes with losing yourself in someone, diving headfirst into uncertainty and desire. MICHA illustrates these feelings perfectly with lyrics like, "Fighting back the fears/That keep me running/All I know my heart was meant for you." Sharing his insight on the song's conception, MICHA explains, "I wrote "drunk" because I was so enchanted by someone that a pen and paper were the only way for me to articulate, put it into perspective, and give it a place."

Sweet and sincere, "Drunk" is a soft and tender ballad that pulls at the heartstrings. The track moves between delicate verses and powerful choruses, building in intensity from start to finish. "Drunk" begins with a simple soundscape, combining MICHA's intoxicating vocals with gentle acoustic guitar lines. Forming a more complex background as the song progresses, MICHA tastefully layers lush instrumentals and harmonies until the song's climax, creating a captivating listening experience. It's clear in "Drunk" that MICHA is overwhelmed with love as he delivers impassioned vocal melodies and swoon worthy lyrics throughout the single.

At the start of his music journey, MICHA was originally in a duo called Micah and Julia. This project happened before the pandemic, leading the pair to enjoy much success as they were featured on several editorial playlists and garnered over 2.5 million streams in less than a year. The duo also played some festivals in the Netherlands, like the Lowlands, Bevrijdings festival, and opened for a few bigger acts, including Douwe Bob and De Dijk. Despite this success, the pair decided to focus on their solo careers as the pandemic hit, leading MICHA to where he is now. The passionate artist enjoys blurring the lines between alternative and pop, honing a sound that has been described as a more aggressive and edgy version of Lewis Capaldi. MICHA's music is also comparable to artists like James Bay, Dean Lewis, and Dermot Kennedy. Some of his other popular releases include "Little Man" and "Do Me Like You Do."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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