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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Easy Street" - Frances Whitney

Debuting her first single, Frances Whitney has kicked her career off on a strong note with "Easy Street." The track is Whitney's first release since being signed to 604 Records, showcasing a lyricism that will resonate with listeners across the globe. Illuminating the inspiration behind the song's composition, the artist reveals, "'Easy Street' was inspired by the nauseating internal loop I repeatedly experienced in a years-long break up with someone — of missing the good times so much that I’d question whether time could bring us back together, healed & mature. By the end of this rumination, I’d usually reach the same, sad realization that no matter how deep our love ran, our wounds are also too deep & our beliefs too incompatible for us to ever 'make it to Easy Street.' Ultimately, the song’s hopeful — I really believe a calmer, gentler, and more sustainable love is out there for me — or anyone brave enough to slam shut the door on that person who didn’t treat them with the care they deserve." "Easy Street" is raw and authentic, providing a universally relatable narrative that will inspire hope in those struggling with heartache.

Simple and honest, Frances Whitney pours her heart out over a scaled-back instrumentation in "Easy Street." The track features an acoustic soundscape, relying on tender, contemplative guitar riffs to support Whitney's reflective lyrics. Showcasing her mellifluous vocals, the artist delivers easygoing, breezy vocal lines, giving a lightness to the heavier realizations she comes to terms with. Though "Easy Street" delves into some sadder feelings, Whitney is careful to intertwine feelings of hope and optimism into the placid, pleasant melodies present throughout the verses and choruses.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Frances Whitney is an alt-pop singer-songwriter on the rise. Though she spent time overseas playing volleyball, the artist still found herself consistently being drawn to her guitar during her free time. After retiring from sports, Whitney made her way back to the US and launched herself into being a musician full-time, eventually signing with 604 Records along the way. Her nuanced sound is swirled with nods to Los Angeles' 70s rock stars and modern indie elements, embracing a timeless approach to pop that effortlessly combines contemporary with nostalgia.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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