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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "ego" - Ava Della Pietra


Former Broadway actress Ava Della Pietra released her first single for her new era, “ego.” The song is all about a guy who’s a player, and all the troubles and whirlwind emotions that come with it. Ava starts the song off by saying she’s thrilled to finally have a boyfriend to do all the fun, relationship things with. Now, there’s “no more table for one,” but she still feels like there’s a catch. Everything is so perfect that it feels calculated to her, and Ava says “you put out your hand/it’s all part of your plan.” Ava can tell this guy has played this game many times before, and knows that their relationship will never work out. In the chorus, she asks the guy “am I the type of girl who’s just boosting your ego?” She knows that deep down he knows it’s unfair, but he will continue to play the game he always does just because it boosts his ego. After the chorus, Ava delves into exactly how she knows she’s getting played. She says that he knew all the things she liked after one night, and how it’s creepy that they work so well together. Ava wants to know if she’s overthinking this relationship, but if she is, she wants to stay together “cause [she’s] already in love.” But, she “can’t help but think [he’s] using [her]” and says “[she’s] a pawn in misery.” The lyrics in “ego” are incredibly insightful, and Ava looks past the surface of the problems in her relationship and dives deeper. The music video perfectly matches the overarching vibe of the song, featuring her dancing in a mostly abandoned subway in New York City with her band.

“ego” is an incredibly infectious pop track, filled with beautiful vocals and energizing synths. This song is much more mature and bolder than her previous works, which were defined by “girl-next-door” and “family-friendly” persona. The verses are defined by haunting harmonies, over an otherwise bare-bones production. In the pre-chorus, the production builds with the utilization of a smooth electric guitar and piano to accompany Ava’s dream-like voice. Then in the chorus, there’s a massive shift in vibe, which feels like a classic dance-pop track. The synth bassline especially sticks out, and it contributes heavily to the groovy and dance-y feel. Overall, this song has some big contemporary influences, especially with the use of some non-traditional electronic instruments. Even though those electronic instruments usually make the song sound flat and unappealing, “ego” is anything but that. In collaboration with producer Jon Levine, they took an abstract sound and gave it a mainstream pop flair.

Ava Della Pietra has extensive experience in the music industry, especially for someone who’s only 18 years old. Ava Della Pietra first started off as an actress, performing in works such as the national tours of Les Miserables and Irving Bellings White Christmas. Most notably, she was in the original cast of School of Rock on Broadway from 2015-2019. Not only is she an amazing vocalist, she’s also a talented multi-instrumentalist; she plays piano, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele. Ava says she’s always been writing songs, and released her first original song at the age of 10. Since then, she’s written over a hundred songs and released dozens, amassing well over 3 million streams in the process. Will Hicks, a producer whom she worked with on hits like “Optimist,” landed her the 50th spot on the Top 40 radio charts. Ava has had multiple tracks since then reach the charts, such as “happy for you” and “i’ve been thinking.” Her debut EP, “truth or truth,” shows off Ava’s sheer musical prowess, and it gained her much attention in the music industry. Currently, Ava is enrolled in Harvard University’s prestigious joint studies program with Berklee School of Music, where she’ll be equipped to take the music industry by storm.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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