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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Electric Blues" - Clinton N

If you ever felt trapped in your head, feeling so small in the world, that all you can think of is trading your life with someone else, then "Electric Blues," by Clinton N. is the perfect song for you. With its catchy rhythms, melodic phrases, and beautiful sung lyrics it creates a connection with the listener, comforting and emphasizing to them "I understand, I know what you're going through and I am here for you."

The theme of Clinton N's new song, "Electric Blues," is a reoccurring topic and theme that comes across many teenagers and young adults specifically these lyrics in the song that highlight this example perfectly, "Am I still being myself? Could I just be someone else?" Combining this theme with the catchy synths, electric music and its other heart tugging lyrics truly brings this song home and causes the listener create an emotional connection.

Clinton N is an Ireland-based Hong Kong native whose earliest musical inspirations were Yiruma, Joe Hisaishi and Hans Zimmer. It wasn't until he relocated from Hong Kong to San Francisco where he was able to follow his passion in composing, writing a couple of his own pieces for his old high school’s string orchestra. With his own unique and ambitious style there is still so many more songs and work to do so if you want keep up with Clinton N's journey be sure to follow his socials down below!

Written By Troy Sica



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