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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Electricity" - FAST BOY x R3HAB

Get ready to vibe to the ultimate summer anthem! R3HAB and duo FAST BOY have come together to drop a new hit, “Electricity,” just in time for the best season of the year. This song dives into a strong attraction and pull between two people, igniting sparks so powerful that it’s compared to electricity. The connection and love story is unlike what they've had with other people, and it makes you feel like you’re witnessing the start of a beautiful romance. The lyrics are also joined with infectious beats and a concert vibe that’ll have you picturing yourself dancing like there’s no tomorrow, surrounded by a crowd full of thousands of people.

The lyrics convey the sensation of experiencing a feeling they’ve never felt before. Its new, different and unfamiliar: “I don’t know what it is, it sparks a fire,” and “I’ve never felt like this.” But, it’s lovely and is now leaving them craving for more, and wanting to have this person's presence around them more: “I feel the lightning inside of my bones and I want it again, again, again.” The strong connection could indicate a sign that they’re meant to be in each other’s lives, considering that they’ve never had such an intense or similar feeling to this in their past relationships. Especially if it’s compared to jump-starting a heart: "Some kind of electricity when you're next to me. When you're next to me, jumpstart my heart 'til you hear the beat." The sweet affection they show for each other is very loud and clear, highlighting the strong desire to keep each other close and in their lives.

R3HAB, also known as Fadil El Ghoul, is a multi-platinum EDM DJ and producer. With 15 years of being in the game, you’ve definitely heard his collaborations and remixes that include artists like Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, ZAYN, Sean Paul and more. His music discography is insanely impressive, including the collection of over 8 billion streams to date and receiving 70 Gold and Platinum certificates. He's been featured in multiple top charts, had multiple sold-out worldwide tours, and collaborated across languages and genres. In fact, he’s currently on a worldwide tour, with his show tomorrow being in Paris, France. FAST BOY, made up of brothers Felix and Lucas Hain, are producers, singers, and songwriters from Germany. They’ve collaborated with well known artists like Meduza, Ofenbach, Alle Farben and more, with their most streamed song being “Bad Memories,” a collaboration with Meduza that has over 400 million streams! To date, they have over 10 million monthly Spotify listeners. Both FAST BOY and R3HAB are definitely household names and ones to watch in dance music. Their collaboration, “Electricity,” was just released about 2 weeks ago, and has already surpassed 1 million streams. They’re killing it! Keep up with R3HAB and FAST BOY by clicking on their social media links below, and listen to “Electricity” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem




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