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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Electricity” - Flo Olavarria

If there’s one thing I’ve always considered myself to be, it would be a hopeless romantic. I often find myself dreaming of one day living through my own love story, as if it was ripped straight from a fairytale. Flo Olavarria is an up-and-coming musical artist who recently released “Electricity”, a song that delves into this exact feeling. “Electricity” is a soft, sweet, and romantic song about the want for a magical love story, even when others believe you need to lower your standards. I really liked this song, and I think it works great as a sort of anthem to anyone who wants an extravagant romance. I think Olavarria perfectly captured the feelings of weightlessness and hope that one may feel when in love. All in all, this was a fantastic song with a meaning I wish other artists would explore themselves.

I want to talk for a minute about Olavarria’s vocals, because they are one of my favorite things about this song. Since she is still very new to the industry, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the quality of Olavarria’s voice. But now, after listening to “Electricity”, I’m confused as to why she hasn’t started releasing music until now! She has a youthful, yet incredibly healthy-sounding voice. I think Olavarria is able to reach both her upper and lower registers with great ease. I also like how she’s never belting in this song. As she reaches her upper register, she transitions to using a soft head voice rather than a strong chest voice, which I think was the perfect move to make.

As I said before, Flo Olavarria is a relatively new face in the industry, but the impact she has made so far is inspiring. Born in Chile, Olavarria prefers to utilize unique cultural influences in her music. She released her debut single, “Speed of Love”, in 2023. Since then, she has gone on to release a handful of other singles, racking in lots of streams on Spotify. You may recognize her from her hits “I Gave My Heart To Santa” or “Where Do We Go?” Olavarria has been featured in both Rolling Stone and Music Row Magazine, where she was given high praise for her musical sensibility. And if you needed another reason to love her, Olavarria has committed to try and release one song every month. So, if you want to see what she has in store for next month, go follow Olavarria on Spotify! And go listen to “Electricity”, out everywhere now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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