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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Emergency Contact" - B.Miles

B.Miles first release of 2024, “Emergency Contact” is a reflective song surrounding events in which you’d need one. B.Miles states that she’s always been fascinated by how someone chooses their emergency contact. Having moved far away from her family and friends to live with her spouse in her 20s, B.Miles realized when they split that she no longer had an emergency contact at the ready should anything happen to her. There is a level of hesitation to this song added by this explanation as well as the chorus lyrics “I sit alone, trying not to overreact, staring at a line that says, ‘emergency contact’” and “Wonder if I called you, would you let it ring through?”. The hesitation is paired with a deep sense of regret and reflection conveyed through many of the lyrics in the song including “I just spent a year, thinking I wouldn’t need you”. Despite the accompanying faster pace of the melody, “Emergency Contact” deals with the aftermath of a split in an introspective way. B.Miles says “In reality, your old emergency contact is still around- and you can still technically reach out to them- but there’s a fear that keeps you from reaching out to them” and that message is conveyed through the story told in “Emergency Contact”.

B.Miles has a unique brand of lyrical storytelling that mirrors the late 90s to early 2000s era of pop. There are a lot of influences in “Emergency Contact” that are extremely nostalgic, but none more than the Sixpence None the Richer “There She Goes” reference in the pre-chorus. The iconic beat is slowed down for emotional effect in each verse leading into the chorus and adds a fresh spin to the beat. B.Miles’ vocals are soft, breathy, and haunting, reminding me of UK artist Imogen Heap played over a beat that's reminiscent of what I believe Bic Runga and Sixpence None the Richer would sound like melded together. There is a lot of variation in this song that takes heavy influence from the late 90s to early 2000s era of pop including the reflective tone applied to the lyrics and melody.     

New York-based, B.Miles is a singer/songwriter raised in LA who began her music career in 2015 with EP Twenty Fifteen and breakout single “Salt” which is now featured on Netflix's original series “Las Chicas del Cable”. B.Miles released her debut album In Order of Appearance in 2020 and featured tracks “Wasting Time (New York)” and “Worst Enemy”. In 2023 she released the album Different Pages that featured 11 tracks confronting the outdated expectations placed on women in their 20s and 30s. Currently, B.Miles is set to play in LA on May 25th. Check out more of her work at the links below or her website for more music and information on live shows in your area!   

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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