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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Emotional Hangover" - ROREY

ROREY releases “Emotional Hangover,” a whimsical track about struggling with anxiety. Anxiety can come out of nowhere, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. We can drive ourselves crazy trying to make sense of it or find a resolution, but there is no perfect rule book for dealing with mental health struggles. You have to do what works best for your mind. Whether it’s lying on the bathroom floor with your head resting in your knees, or trying to distract yourself with a lot of people and things to do, you do what you have to do. Crying, screaming, and fighting always leave us with an overwhelming emotional hangover, and anxiety is no different. After panic attacks and tense situations, it’s normal to disassociate into another world for a few days until you can finally breathe ,and come back down to earth. There is no shame in struggling. Everyone has their own inner demons; some just proclaim them louder than others. Never apologize for doing what you have to do to survive. The mind is an unfathomable place, and you’ll lose it trying to understand why it works the way it does. “Emotional Hangover” is a raw and vulnerable song that leaves you feeling surprisingly uplifted in knowing you’ll never be alone in life’s greatest battle.

“Emotional Hangover” is a 2000s inspired grunge-pop track with a modern, indie flare. The early 2000s vibes are layered with spirited guitar riffs that completely capture a coming of age angst, The chorus is contagious, and belting out the honest lyrics will help heal any emotional hangover. ROREY dives into a topic that needs to be discussed more, and she does it in a way where you’re at ease about something that can feel anything but. This song seamlessly balances agony with triumph and camaraderie. This playful take on a panic attack is sure to become the summer anthem. “Emotional Hangover” is your new feel-good soundtrack to laugh at your anxiety.

ROREY is New York’s rising star who’s making a name for herself in the industry. “Emotional Hangover” is the second single off her upcoming, first EP, Apt 7d. With just 4 single releases to date, ROREY has accumulated over 300k total streams. ROREY wrote “Emotional Hangover” in her self-proclaimed “victim era” where she often expressed her anxiety through lengthy essays. Her music is nostalgic, and her lyrics are refreshingly candid. ROREY gives her audience a safe space to express their emotions, ease their minds, and know they are never alone in feeling alone. Stream her latest single now, and release all inhibitions while we patiently wait for her full album on June 30th!

Written By Grace Chapman



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