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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "END" - Jack Pavlina

Ughhh... You know?

Do ya’ feel me?

Running in circles, bumping into walls... Sometimes you just find yourself in a rut... Tracing the same lines, you eventually get overwhelmed by feeling overwhelmed! We soul-search in mirrors, people, partners... yet, so often–forget to simply look inside. It’s like the more ‘caught up’ in something we become, the less we want to be entangled in it at all... but we are... Sucks, right? Maybe... Life is tricky... but if it wasn’t? What kind of music would you be listening to? What kind of music would I be writing about? Balancing a somber subject with levity and a dash of wit, Jack Pavlina taps in an acoustic approach on the excellent new cut, “END.” Whereas the young artist’s energy has burned loud and large at other times, he takes a decidedly understated approach–a choice that reveals new colors in an already dazzling palette.

“END” does a fantastic job in bringing a sense of emo recognition to the table, using sadness to leverage energy. Laying a concrete foundation with some seriously top-notch production, Pavlina presents a numbing narrative to the audience, blending college campus vocals and acoustic finesse to striking effect. Pavlina interestingly spotlights a split-consciousness, singing of his yearning to win back a lover, while also claiming that she’s better off with another man... This track has a distinct flavor of campfire story, Andy Grammer, and maybe some sneaky “party on the roof-top, top of the world” energy! The constant thread of guitar helps bridge the fairly polar aesthetics of ‘stripped’ and ‘produced,’ soothing a tension that could have otherwise led to some problems. Welding melody and motif, a charming Jack Pavlina delivers a Spring fling of serious substance!

Demonstrating that ‘learned’ doesn’t have to be ‘lifeless,’ Campbell native and precocious talent Jack Pavlina shows off the goods with the sleek new number, “END.” This track is alive, filled with life and lessons from a very young artist! Combining various influences, Pavlina strives to capture his feelings for music in song: an enduring sense of curiosity and intoxication that so many may resonate with... Boasting a mature voice and firm command of vision, Jack Pavlina is poised to make some serious moves as this young artist spreads his wings!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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