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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Enemy" - Apricot

‘Apricot.’ Such a simple, understated fruit… but delicious, juicy, and bursting with flavor! And that’s exactly how emerging European artist, Apricot, introduces herself on the unforgettable new number, ‘Enemy.’ Cutting her own sugary sweetness with a lick of sour, this young superstar–raised in Rome, now based in Berlin–is the confident collision of worlds, a heroine of the Old Guard chasing untold horizons! Weaving the soul and sounds of American R&B into a contemporary quilt of global music, Apricot has managed to walk two paths once, not sacrificing musical merit in the pursuit of radio-ready crooning. In fact, boldly drawing on German house and EDM, Apricot has managed to break a stalemate of ‘stale,’ stressing the importance of feeling music in our bodies, not just our brains; putting meaning into movement, and not just melody!

‘Enemy’ marks quite the pivot for Apricot, whose 2022 debut, ‘sue me,’ was washed in a somber, dreamcatcher haze–quite a contrast to the floor-shaking 808’s and Aphex Twin stylings of her most recent opus! When I discuss the somatic nature of art–music in particular–it seems almost undeniable that our current [Western] connection to composition, songwriting, listening, is so reliant upon messages and melody; ours ears take the reigns, intellectualizing any sounds that greet them, so often ignoring rhythm, feeling–in favor of lyrical loopholes and catchy choruses. Don’t get me wrong, these components are vital to a complex and connected musical body, but words and woes only go so far on their own. Key musical frameworks, like feel, syncopation–undergird any melody, and are necessary to share even the strongest of messages. Today’s preeminent genres, from rap, pop, indie, and beyond, are unfailingly fortified with witty lyrics and hooks that could catch a fish! But do you feel that music in your bones? Are your hips moving and you’re not sure why? Filled with crystal confidence, Apricot pairs charm and vocal chops, turning to Berlin’s brash subculture for influence and intrigue. “The song is about the desire to stop playing games with your crush and give in to the sexual tension,” she remarks. Grounded in “groove and powerful basslines,” this track is “sure to get listeners moving!” Nothing but a LOUD set of speakers will do this song justice, so turn up–don’t be your own enemy!

Raised in the historical Italian metropolis of Rome, Apricot–born Susanna Helena Steinfeld–experienced austerity and insularity, growing up in a self-described ‘bourgeois environment.’ Relocating to Berlin in 2018 to dive into the music industry, Steinfeld has since gone from manager to musician, evolving into a deadly songwriter, producer, and singer. Telling the tales of her unique life experience, turning to both pleasure and pain, Apricot has flowered early! Exploring personal trauma, femininity, and struggle, her fearless and funky take on popular music calls to alternative icons across genres–from the queer, countercultural anthems of COBRAH, to the experimental edge of Ghostemane. Featuring death-metal font and dance-club fun, ‘Enemy’ is proof that Apricot’s roots are ready to run deep and true!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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