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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Euphoric" (feat. Ashley Alisha) - Scott the Pisces

Scott the Pisces works alongside Ashley Alisha to release the pop song of the summer. “Euphoric” harnesses the ecstasy of what summer love feels like. This single innately creates a sense of wander, freedom, and new beginnings from first listen. There is no greater feeling than that of young love with endless possibilities. Summer is a time for carefree adventure and self-exploration. When young love meets summer nights, it can only be described as euphoria. This song completely captures the essence of summer, and you’ll be hit with waves of nostalgia that blend seamlessly with the pure bliss that only comes from falling in love. “Euphoric” will heat up your summer and surely inspire anyone to proudly wear their heart on their sleeve.

“Euphoric” is the work of two independent artists collaborating to create this year’s summer anthem. Despite being recorded, produced, and mixed remotely from their bedrooms, the song has a pristine pop quality that is sure to be a hit. This playful pop record is a breath of fresh air perfect for reflection and daydreaming. The song would be a perfect soundtrack for summer videos and vlogs. “Euphoric” would shine in any playlist catering to pop and R&B music, both mainstream and independent. With its blend of electric synths, incredible vocals, and playful rhythm section, the lush electronic soundscape will transport you to an island far away. Turn it up loud, and allow yourself to fall deep into a complete sense of wonder.

Scott the Pisces is a British producer/songwriter. Ashley Alisha is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. “Euphoric is the third official single to be released from Scott the Pisces, following his his debut EP, Ocean Blue, and his hit single “Summer ’22” that was featured on LOVE ISLAND USA. “Euphoric” is the second musical collaboration between Scott and Ashley. This summer pop record has already been selected to be on the upcoming season of LOVE ISLAND USA once again. Scott has been the architect behind all of the “Euphoric” promotional material for the release, including the lyric video, artwork, social media content and more. With Scott the Pisces’ knack to capture summer through the instrumentals and Ashley Alisha’s ability to recreate young love through her vocals, “Euphoric” is well on it’s way to be the next viral bop!

Written By Grace Chapman




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