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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Evergreen" - Elizabeth Winterbourne

Elizabeth Winterbourne released her first single of the year on February 24th for all to hear, and it's called “Evergreen ''. With forest imagery, Elizabeth has another dreamy song to take you away and get lost in. This new single follows her debut EP from 2022 and explores themes of nostalgia, triumph, and loss of innocence. Elizabeth is often known for writing emotional music about her own experiences in life, and draws inspiration from the world around her. The cover art of “Evergreen” was taken from one of the artist's favorite spots, Telluride Colorado, a place that reflected these themes and ideas of her new song. As she shares on social media how much this song means to her along with the excitement to share with her listeners, after listening myself I can definitely understand why.

When Elizabeth picks up an acoustic guitar it’s mesmerizing and it’s one of the many highlights of “Evergreen”. From beginning to end listeners can hear stunning guitar melodies and riffs from the artist. Her new single opens with a catchy drum melody, that beautiful acoustic guitar, followed by Elizabeth’s sweet vocals. Her voice reminded me of singers like folk pop artist Madison Cunningham and Nashville artist Katie Pruitt. Throughout the track, the stacked amplified vocals that can be heard as the chorus builds was just another thing to like about this track. The tone of the lyrics and message is quite personal, but the authenticity pouring out is enough to leave you hanging on to every word. Not to mention the production and arrangement here works so well together to create this peaceful feeling while listening. The artist's music has often described as “Folky Dream Pop” and it’s an accurate representation here. With her roots in folk and the addition of her new pop sound, "Evergreen" represents the best of the two genres that music lovers will appreciate.

Elizabeth Winterbourne is an up and coming pop artist based in New York City. Her songs often explore hard hitting and relatable topics covering life, love, and identity. Elizabeth has been involved with music since she was only 12 years old, and for her, writing music is how she moves through life. She released her first EP, “Christina’s World” in 2022, along with an autumn dream version of her single “Evelina” from the same EP. With only a few releases to her name, the young artist has already made some huge accomplishments to her music career. Having just played New York Fashion Week last month, and recently winning New Jersey Arts Council Battle of the Bands as a solo artist in 2022, I have high expectations for her future with music. Catch Elizabeth on one of her upcoming live performances in March and April around the New York City area. Check out her socials through the links below for upcoming performances and more!

Written By Jenna Barton


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