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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "everybody hates me" - GAYLE

GAYLE holds nothing back in her fiery new single, “everybody hates me”. She wrote the track during a point in her life where she felt she was being scrutinized for every little thing, and people were tearing her apart just for cruelty’s sake. Rather than drowning in the negative comments, she used them as a sense of empowerment. She realized that “when everyone hates you, you may as well like yourself and do what you want.” GAYLE took these wicked thoughts that people have about her and twisted them into fuel for her self-confidence. In the first verse, she tells her haters, “Try your best but you can’t phase me//I live my life like everybody hates me.” These two lines introduce the listener to her carefree attitude and impressive ability to ignore those who want to tear her down. Then, in the first half of the chorus, Gayle allows the lyrics to be more vulnerable. She sings, “Life’s a bitch and I’m not surprised// If you read my mind, you’d probably cry//I do it myself all the time.” However, in the second half of the chorus, she switches back with the lyrics: “Life’s a bitch and she’s cool with me// I’ll let it be, hard world to please// I live my life like everybody hates me.” The two halves of the chorus are direct parallels of one another. She initially admits that these hurtful comments have cut her deep in the past, and she reminds listeners that she is only human. But then, she rises above the callousness and chooses to live her life to please only herself, not anyone else. This song is not only relevant to GAYLE’s life, but to her millions of listeners that have undergone undeserved animosity in their own lives. It empowers them to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue to be their true, authentic selves.

“everybody hates me” is an angsty single that perfectly captures the pop-punk genre while highlighting GAYLE’s outstanding songwriting. The track kicks off with an electric guitar feedback sound that immediately provides the punk rock vibe. Quickly after, GAYLE begins singing and her voice is backed by the bass drum. After a few measures, the drumsticks count the beat and the production explodes, further enhancing the punk rock atmosphere. The bass guitar utilizes an intense fuzz sound effect that adds a great amount of distortion to the track. At the end of the verse, GAYLE whispers the hook: “everybody hates me,” before the song switches gears in the chorus. At this point, the song takes a sudden twist with only a guitar chord progression paired with her voice. In the second half of the chorus, the bass sneaks into the background, enhancing the dynamic of this chord progression. Throughout the track, the production alternates with each verse and the chorus. When the bridge hits, the instruments mute, bringing the focus solely on GAYLE’s flawless vocals. After a few measures, the full production returns to finish out the bridge and provide one final passionate chorus. GAYLE closes the song out with a lighthearted laugh and voices in the background saying, “okay, cool, okay.” This ends the track with the nonchalant attitude that the lyrics throughout the song held, showing that even in the studio, GAYLE was having the time of her life and focusing on her happiness. “everybody hates me” is a cutthroat track that accentuates GAYLE’s unmistakable talent while telling the haters she is better without them.

Taylor Gayle Rutherfurd, better known as GAYLE, is an 18-year-old pop singer-songwriter. In 2021, she signed with Atlantic Records and released her 3x Platinum single, “abcdefu”. Quickly the song went viral on TikTok and Instagram, gaining her a significant following on social media. Her hit single peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States and earned the number one spot in multiple international countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany. The massive success resulted in her earning a Grammy Awards Song of the Year nomination, a Billboard Music Award nomination, and two MTV Video Music Award nominations. In March 2022, she released her debut EP, a study of the human experience volume one, which included “abcdefu”. In October 2022, she released her follow-up EP, a study of the human experience volume two. Then in December 2022, she released a special EP, a study of the human experience volume two and a half, which included unique remixes of songs from both EPs. Now, GAYLE is about to embark on her craziest adventure yet. On March 17th, 2023, she will be the first supporting act on opening night in Glendale, AZ for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, along side Paramore. She is scheduled to open for Swift on 15 dates throughout the tour, including closing night in Los Angeles. She is also scheduled to be a special guest on the European leg of P!NK’S Summer Carnival Tour, kicking off on June 7th, 2023.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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