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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Everything I Need" - Mariah Counts

There's a type of love that we aspire to have—a picture-perfect, romantic movie type of love that seems virtually impossible. Mariah Counts' new song, "Everything I Need" describes this, a love that makes you feel like you want to scream it from the rooftops, show them off, and rearrange your life to make them happy in the best way possible; the type of love that everyone envies. With a bubbly melody and sweet-sounding lyrics, this track will make you think of the one you love and tell them you love them.

Usually, when we think of true love, we think of a love destined for the big screen. We can associate it with feelings of speechlessness, confidence, and a dreamy "head-in-the-clouds" type of vibe. This track, "Everything I Need" details this beautiful love with the lyrics, "Cause I'm feeling/Like the world is on my side/I know she got me fiending/Got me tongue-tied". Paired wonderfully with the upbeat, simple melody, the descriptions of true love bring the sense of disbelief back to the ground with the beat-- making listeners and Mariah Counts herself understand that this is a love that can be had and it's not just one for the movies.

California-born and based, Mariah Counts is a woman who wears a lot of hats-- being a singer/songwriter takes a lot of work, but she's also a CrossFit gym manager, personal trainer, and athlete. On her EP, "True Ugly Feelings" she shares her real stories and uses her music to release and face the emotions that aren't the easiest to talk about. In "Lost in the Sauce", her first album, she continues to express her vulnerability by talking about her feelings after the end of a 3-year relationship. With "Everything I Need" we can see her shift from a longing or ugly type of emotion to a wholesome, loving variety. Currently, on the second leg of her first tour, Mariah Counts aspires to reach people through her music and videos--she's managed over 5.9K subscribers on Youtube and over 17K monthly listeners on Spotify, proving that she's done just that.

Written By Jane Katryn



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