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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Evil Eye" - Alessia De Gasperis

The evil eye is always watching and singer-songwriter Alessia De Gasperis dangerously finds herself at the other end of its gaze. In her new hypnotic single, "Evil Eye," black magic is in the works as De Gasperis describes becoming a victim of a curse that she finds herself falling under time after time in what has become a game of love. The song is relatable to those who have found themselves in the same predicament, given a person one too many chances. De Gasperis talks about falling into the same trap after giving out her heart “too many times,” only to find herself regretting it, an endless cycle. "Evil Eye" portrays a bewitching and toxic form of love that ensnares and hypnotizes, refusing to let go. “Love isn't a game that you play,” De Gasperis sings, “I can't trust a thing you say.” The single sounds like a cautious warning from De Gasperis as she realizes she can no longer stay under the toxic spell, but break free.

The song is cinematically etched as if it's part of a suspenseful movie soundtrack, part of a runaway scene. The alternative pop single is mellowed, slow, and heavy all at the same. The pacing matches De Gasperis's light and melodic voice, flowing through an almost modernized 70’s groove and rhythm. The choruses denote psychedelic sounds, giving the song a hypnotic quality, a mischievous and somewhat dangerous edging with its corresponding lyrics, “I can feel your evil eye.” Her voice becomes breathy and softer in the chorus, as if De Gasperis is trying to escape through the shadows. It follows a subdued background of echoing electric guitar strums and bass vibrations. The song sounds like a continuous loop, trapping us in a trance with atmospheric sounds and synth rotations.

Formerly known as Kai, Alessia De Gasperis-Brigante has long been making waves in the music industry for electronic hit songs such as “Never Be Like You,” “Revolution,” and “Mind” on which she collaborated with names such as Flume, Diplo, and Jack Ü. The Canadian-based singer is known for her clear, resonant voice, showcased in her collaborative songs. Her voice is also featured on tracks such as “Crawl” by Childish Gambino and “Need Your Heart” by Adventure Club which she co-wrote. In 2021, De Gasperis declared to the world she was leaving behind the name of Kai and embracing her true self under her real name, Alessia De Gasperis. After leaving her former record label, Warner Music Group, De Gasperis has begun following her own path and enjoying the newfound musical freedom she so longed to have. We now have the pleasure of hearing Alessia De Gasperis in her original form on singles such as “When You Love Someone” from 2022 and of course her newest banger "Evil Eye." Check out her single and more about De Gasperis below!

Written By Mia Chavez


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