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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Evil" - Natalie

The feeling when you’re being enthralled by someone who’s got you wrapped around their finger can be tempting. Knowing that it’s bad makes it more exciting and harder to resist. It's like you know what they're doing, and you're just allowing them. Natalie’s single, “Evil” is about those temptations when you’re being seduced by their words. It makes you want them more because of the attraction you have that can’t be ignored. The control they have over you is seamless which creates a wave in your mind and body. Your soul is being taken, almost as if they’re the devil. “Evil” has that kind of impact.

“Evil” is a haunting and manipulating experience. Natalie pulls you in using vocal chops to create a sexy and moody sensation. The dark pop soundscape puts you in a hypnotic state with the chilling bells at the start and it hits you with a bass that takes charge. The percussion in this track has an eerie sound contrasted with her seductive lyrics and soothing ad libs. The way Natalie sings are irresistible, and she knows she’s able to get through with the other person. Her voice creates an alluring interest to captivate the listener’s attention. It makes you feel mesmerized by the way she performed.

Natalie came into the music scene in the middle of 2018 with her debut EP “Shameful” with four bangers. Since then, she’s released more songs in that year leading up to 2023. Her music blends with alternative R&B production, and she describes it as anti-genre music. Her music featured on popular Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, Teardrop, and Alternative R&B. She’s earned herself over 100k monthly listeners on Spotify. She’s now shifted her focus to writing, producing, and releasing standalone tracks. She’s definitely an artist you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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