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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "exhausted" - Zach Paradis

Singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer Zach Paradis just released his brand new track, “exhausted.” This is a relatable track that describes the feeling of being exhausted of living up to the high expectations of society. He starts off singing about just that, saying “It's exhausting keeping up with everybody else.” He tries to stay positive, but he can’t help but not feel like himself all the time. But, we never love the hand we were dealt “'Cause we all wish that we were someone else.” Zach knows he should focus on his mental health, but how can he when he doesn’t know how to love himself? In the chorus, he says he just feels exhausted; he doesn’t want to dream, he just wants to sleep in. “The clock keeps ringing/but [he] just [wants] to sleep in” because he’s tired of trying to live up to society’s expectations for him. There’s a major switch up in the second verse, which matches the theme of the lyrics. Zach takes back all the things he said because he “just had a busy weekend” and he didn’t mean it. He feels like he can’t slow down, and he’s always trying to do more, just like many of us do in our lives.

The production of “exhausted” varies from the first half of the song to the second half of the song. The song starts off with a simple, laid back production, which features just an acoustic guitar and vocals up until the second verse. However, Zach adds more background vocals and adlibs during the first chorus. The chord progression also varies from most pop songs, which audibly separates this honest and vulnerable track from upbeat and happy pop tracks. After the first chorus, there’s a massive switch up in production, which helps listeners recognize the change in the lyrics and melody. The second verse features a drum beat that exemplifies the feeling of not being able to slow down, as Zach talks about in this song. There’s also more harmonies and ad-libs in the second verse and chorus, which really add a nice depth to the track. 

Zach Paradis is LA-based singer-songwriter raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His passion for words started at a young age, being captivated by poetry and fictional novels, so much so that he wrote a Lord of the Rings knock off at eight. Soon enough, his words went along to melodies, and after a failed stint with piano lessons, he took up drum lessons and began in a band at church. This was the birth of his interest in music recording. Zach began studying audio engineering at a local community college in 2013. He first started his professional career at just nineteen years old when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue an audio engineering internship. He now writes, produces and engineers a wide variety of genres that enrich the city of Atlanta. His first release on streaming platforms was “Mine This Year,”  a Christmas track. Since then, he’s put out three EP’s and one album. Now, Zach has over 100k followers on Instagram and has 130k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. It’s clear through his catalog that Zach has a raw talent, and he will continue to innovate with his new music. 

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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