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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Expectations" - James Walker

James Walker questions his perceptions of a partner in his new single ‘Expectations’. He talks about the unrealistic expectations we put on others and how they’re going to miraculously fix all our problems. He identifies the feeling of dependency towards this person and asks himself, “Am I in love with you, or my expectations?” It's tough to make this distinction, especially since society pressures us to conform to others rather than complement them. But Walker’s got a beautiful way of deciphering his heart, and that’s one of the most captivating pieces of this song.

“I want you to love me like I need you if we’re ever gonna last.” Walker constructs his story through rose-colored glasses; romanticizing his expectations with a reverberant electro-pop sound. When Walker’s silky and resonant vocals come in, it’s a sensational battle of emotions versus the mind. Illusory vocal harmonies and electronic instruments appear distant, as if telling you to look beyond the surface to determine how you really feel about them. That’s an attractive melody! This is a great song for when you’re in your feels and want to give your mind some clarity!

As a singer/songwriter, James Walker gets inspiration from experiences that shaped him. From consistently being on the move to having two open heart-surgeries by age 21, he’s got an incredibly unique background. From his debut album ‘English Bones’, his evocative lyrics and mesmerizing stories have been highly praised by a global audience. He’s written about everything from introspection to codependency. Walker’s distinctive musical footprint is truly inspiring, and ‘Expectations’ is just a snippet of that. Be on the lookout for more singles from his upcoming 3rd album!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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