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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Explosion" - Darrian Gerard

Taking the step to create music as a full time career can be scary. There are so many factors in the world around us that can prohibit us from following our dreams, like money, family, and the feeling of being discouraged. These feelings are what drove Darrian Gerard to create her latest single, "Explosion." It's a massive pop-punk track that lets you know that it's okay to pursue the things you want, even when things around you are trying to work against you.

Gerard creates an atmosphere that brings to life the pop-punk aesthetic of the song. With roaring and distorted electric guitars, and a full drum kit, Gerard creates this vibe which predecessors like Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette paved the way for. Gerard's voice closely reminds the listener of a young Avril, but it also has its own flare that makes it unique to her style. The lyrics delve into the topics of being a struggling artist looking for their big break. Gerard sings in the first verse, "I'd stop right now I'm a loaded gun // My mom lies about me and tells everyone // Epitome of a wash-up gone wrong // I never knew what I wanted so I went along," describing how people view her for wanting a music career. We also find out that Gerard might have some familial trauma that's causing her anxiety. The chorus is a massive blow to the listener, and a big middle finger to those who think she can't achieve what she wants, "I'm cold hearted // Don't distract me // From the end goal // I'll start an explosion."

Darrian Gerard is a pop-rock singer/songwriter based in British Colombia, Canada. She has been making waves since she was young, writing songs about boys who treated her wrong at the age of eight. "Explosion" is Gerard's first single of 2022. It comes after a long strain of singles that were dropped throughout 2021. Gerard is a self-created artist, who has done everything from the production, recording, and writing of her music. Gerard even has a talent behind the camera as she also directed the music video above for "Explosion." With a raw talent, and a dream to make it big like her inspirations, Gerard is ready to make waves in the industry.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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